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"Finish carpentry was outstanding."
"Our expectations were exceeded in all respects."
"The integrity of your crew, the care with which they work and clean up AND communicate was superb."
"Every detail, from the most basic functions to the most minute of finishes was handled professionally."
"We got this perfect combination by having realistic expectations, and by hiring a builder who had the experience, professionalism and patience to make the process (not just the product) terrific."
"During our complete home remodel, they went above and beyond in providing personal service, along with the excellent craftsmanship they are known for."
"No question was too small or too silly as far as they were concerned. I wish I could exhibit the same patience with my own children!"
"We have been through multiple remodeling projects...
I must say that working with Loerke-Cresci was
by far the best experience of all."
"We have high praise for the quality and outcome of the construction of our new home."

"Loerke & Cresci were the general contractors for an extensive remodel of our Woodside home. They were very professional and helpful at every step of the process, from the permitting to the execution of the myriad of steps that are required in such a project.


"Their employees and subs were all of high quality and the craftsmanship in the finishes and finish carpentry was outstanding. We were particularly appreciative of their organization of the project and suggestions for alternatives when appropriate. Their follow-up in the time since the project was completed has been excellent. We would recommend their company."


- Rob and Susan Flint



"We have had the good fortune and pleasure to work with Loerke & Cresci, Inc. on three separate remodeling projects on our home in Atherton, and on each occasion our expectations were exceeded in all respects.


"In working with Domenic Cresci we were very impressed by his ready response to inquiries, his attention to detail, and his follow up on any requests from us. His workers were high quality, neat, unobtrusive, and considerate of our presence in the worksite. We could not have been more pleased with the outcome and the high degree of professionalism displayed by the entire L&C team."


- Harvey & Peggy Hinman



"Hard to believe it's been nearly two years since you and your team of experts transformed my unused upper deck into a serene respite room for my family and me and remodeled my daughter's bedroom. As you may recall, the jobs were complicated; you needed to shore up the foundation, redo the roofing, accomplish drainage for the outside planters, redo heating and wiring, and solve all the construction messes from the previous builders as the work progressed. 


"I'm writing to thank you again and let you know we enjoy tremendously the fruits of all your hard work. The integrity of your crew, the care with which they work‚ and clean up AND communicate‚ was superb. Remember the overloaded circuits problem‚ circuits, piggy backed onto circuits, yet not obvious to the untrained? Your guys uncovered this tangle from the previous builder and then immediately communicated the dangers and what needed to be done to rectify the electrical mess.


"I shudder to think what could have happened if that problem had been ignored. It wasn't just the major problems that I was told about; I knew what and why of every detail that went into the project. All my questions were answered, all the considerations: the time, the cost, the effort, was fully explained. It was easy to make a decision with so much information. 


"You may recall I asked you to build for me in Truckee; you decided it would be difficult to produce the Loerke and Cresci quality in a remote location. Just so you know, I used every bit of our association to choose my construction company for Truckee: the stellar job manager, the billing statement details, the group meetings, the monitoring of sub contractors, and most of all, your integrity and attention to detail and to meeting my needs. 

Thanks so much for making my home so fabulous!"

- Jane Walker


"After living for 31 years in my family home in Atherton, I embarked on a new journey to create a new home. This journey, simply put, was a smooth, professional and satisfying one because I chose Domenic Cresci of Loerke & Cresci to be the contractor who created my new home. 


"His guidance and implementation of every facet of an almost year-long remodel project were superb. Every detail, from the most basic of functions to the most minute of finishes was handled professionally by him and his outstanding team. He was unfailingly helpful, happy, courteous and efficient, and the workmanship is marked by excellence. No matter what the myriad of issues were, Domenic always made them solvable. 


"I will always be grateful to Loerke & Cresci for what they created for me and the manner in which they carried it out. I recommend them with the highest marks possible!"


- Anna G. Eshoo
, Member of Congress


"We were introduced to Loerke & Cresci by the Bob Flurry Design Group. Bob brought five builders to meet with us to bid on a remodel we were planning to our home in Woodside. That process was very interesting. My husband and I felt that we learned a lot about those builders over the course of those meetings. 


"Responsive: Some builders came back with estimates in 2-3 days. How could a builder come up with a number so fast? So we questioned. Some builders took weeks, or just simply disappeared. I can't remember exactly how soon we heard back from Domenic Cresci, but however much time it was, we felt like he had enough time to do his homework, but not so much that we felt ignored. 


"A solid estimate: Some builders came back with outrageous bids. They were so high, we felt like we were being taken advantage of. Some builders came back so low, we felt that they were under estimating so that they could win the project, but that soon after the prices would have to increase. Domenic's bid fell right in the middle. We felt good about how he supported his estimate, and his candid assessment of the scope of our project.


"Paperwork: Some builders proudly showed us all of the reports they generate‚ schedules, backup, analysis, binders, binders and more binders. The paperwork was endless. We looked at all of that and felt that as impressive as it was, the reality was that we didn't want to pay for all that. We wanted to pay for our house. Domenic's schedules and paperwork were not conspicuous, but a good tool that we appreciated. 


"Working together: We got off to a great start, but of course our project had lots of ups and downs. And while we often questioned what we were doing, we never questioned our choice to have Loerke & Cresci helping us. 


"Loerke & Cresci rode a crazy roller coaster with us and the town of Woodside. They advocated for us in town. They were patient with us during meetings. And we were never ignored... even on the weekends. Their workers were always clean and polite.


"And best of all, they built an exceptionally solid and pretty house. 

We moved back into our home 4 years ago. When my husband and I talk about it, we know that other builders could have erected this building, but there is something so special about moving into a home that not only looks like your dream house, but feels like it too.


"We got this perfect combination by having realistic expectations, and by hiring a builder who had the experience, professionalism and patience to make the process (not just the product) terrific."

- Eric and Amy Freidenrich



"Loerke & Cresci are highly respected, first class contractors who have more than lived up to their distinguished reputation of  Fine Quality Builders. During our complete home remodel, they went above and beyond in providing personal service, along with the excellent craftsmanship they are known for. We were especially grateful for their enthusiastic attention to our concerns and requirements. In addition, we were assigned a top notch foreman, who was always on top of each project, making sure everything was handled competently and efficiently, under their guidance. 


"It was evident to us that Loerke & Cresci, possessed an excellent working relationship with each sub-contractors, be it those of their choosing or ones we asked them to use.


"We truly appreciated their politeness and consideration during problem solving and follow through, always putting our needs first while getting things done in a timely manner. Their attentiveness to care for our property and their thorough clean up at the end of each working day, left a big impression. 


"We have the utmost respect and admiration, not only for Frank and Domenic, but for everyone who works for them. Our home not only exceeded expectations but has become a place we are extremely proud of. We would highly recommend Loerke & Cresci and look forward to future projects with them."

- Bob and Sally B.



"We have used Loerke-Cresci three different times to improve our home. Each time the work was performed on time and with great precision. These folks are special in the building business. They do a great job and we would recommend them to anyone looking for fine craftsmanship along with great people to work with."


- Bob Grassilli and Gladys Mueller



"How often do you ask your friends about their experience with their contractor and hear nothing but horror stories? After talking to many friends who had their homes remodeled, we began to think that there was no such thing as an organized, communicative, hard-working contractor who also does quality work... then our designer suggested we talk to Loerke and Cresci. 


"From the beginning of our project we were impressed with Domenic's knowledge and organization. His estimate was thoughtful, realistic... and in the end nearly spot on! He saw ways we could even improve upon our initial design without running the costs through the roof, and even though we were a relatively small project, we were never treated as such! 


"Once construction began, Frank was always on the job and easily accessible. While we did not live here during the work, our neighbors often remarked at how hard working (and considerate) Frank, Domenic, and the crew all were. (We would get these comments unsolicited‚ and we were really impressed!) Any question, concern or change in plans always found a sympathetic, thoughtful ear from Domenic, Frank, or both... and no question was too small or too silly as far as they were concerned! I wish I could exhibit the same patience with my own children!"


- Brenda and Gary Berke


"Cindy and I would like to thank you and your entire staff for the amazing work that you performed on our home. We have been through multiple remodeling projects, all with their own unique set of circumstances. I must say that working with Loerke-Cresci was by far the best experience of all.


"Your staff was courteous, friendly, and competent. The contractors left the property neat and clean at the end of each work day. They showed concern for what was going on in our lives and often adjusted their workflow without compromising quality in order to accommodate our family's needs. On occasion, they even helped keep an eye out for our dog Lucky, who, to this day, still misses them. 


"I found the pre-construction process most fascinating. You were meticulous in identifying our needs and wants, and you came back several times with creative ideas for us to consider. It was clear to us that you did not want the project to start until you were sure that we knew what we wanted. 


"Your bid was comprehensive and thorough, and you kept us up to date as the project progressed. Once the project started, you continually looked for and strived to obtain cost savings whenever possible. You kept to the schedule and finished the project within the allotted time. After the project was completed and paid, you checked backed with us several times to see if there were any loose ends. 


"Please feel free to have potential clients contact Cindy or me, and we will be happy to discuss our experience. Best wishes, continued success, and thank you once again for our beautiful home."


- Dennis and Cindy Pettinelli



"First, let me say after about a year of completion, how much we enjoy our new home. It fulfills all the visions we had to transform a tired old California ranch in the same footprint to an exciting California contemporary home. Everything seems to be working well. We have had the normal couple of issues with materials‚ all of which have been corrected by a call to you or to one of the lists that you provided of the sub-contractors that worked on the house. 


"When we started this project, we did not know how extensive a rebuild outside of the main living area and kitchen that we would complete. As we determined along the way, the house was in need of serious repair and rebuild from many years of termite damage, dry rot, and age, as a result of serious flaws and imperfections in the original building. Thus, you had to remove the complete exterior stucco and replace it.


"The roof sub-structure was completely replaced and considerable flooring had to be replaced down to the foundation. All of the plumbing and ducting was redone and a lot of electrical upgrades were required. Also, we determined to insulate the entire house that had never been done in the original building and replace the single pane with double pane energy efficient windows. All of the drain tile and much of the concrete aggregate decking and walkout areas had to be replaced. 


"The rebuilding of the main living area, redesign of the kitchen and family rooms, installation of a unique fireplace, and the addition of a study and a front entry was essentially building a completely new structure and required significant engineering because of the large glass areas and high ceilings.


"With Frank's engineering oversight and supervision, the stringent engineering and code requirements with extensive foundation modification, use of large amounts of steel to support the roof with the large window views, the handling of the symmetrical high ceiling living area and the installation of complex and large fixed windows and sliding doors‚ all seemed normal routine tasks in a complex structure. 


"We were able to work easily with you and your direct crew and the many sub-contractors, effortlessly making necessary changes to adjust the plan as required. The architect's original plan was closely followed, but necessary changes and modifications were made on site and reviewed with the architect to assure conformance to the original design and building code requirements. 


"We especially liked working with your contractors that you brought from experience to the project. They were friendly, very professional and responsive. With the metal contemporary roof we selected a contractor that you watched carefully, and like I, became uncomfortable with, and whom we replaced early in the project before costs and replacement were excessive. The result was a much higher quality roof that is such a feature of the external design. 


"Your key finish subcontractors—cabinetry, sheet-rocking, bathrooms, tile, flooring and painting—enjoyed the uniqueness of the project and in their respective tasks contributed to a very high quality end product. Working with our interior designer was smoothly integrated into your general contracting of the project. 


"Most importantly, you took care to keep the site clean every day and do minimal damage to existing driveway, lawn and landscape areas even with lots of heavy equipment around the site. 


"We have built two other homes before and no question this project flowed well and the final product—our new contemporary home—is the best of the homes that we have built in the past. Still today over a year and a half away from the project, you respond quickly to any requests related to materials and issues from the construction of our home. 


"In summary, Domenic, we have high praise for the quality and outcome of the construction of our new home. It was a pleasure working with your staff, our interior designer and the architect and the outcome shows the quality of your sub-contractors and your firm to assure that what was provided met our requirements. 

Based on our experience, we have a high recommendation for the Loerke Cresci firm. 

Thank you for a great job on a difficult architectural project.


- David and Sara Taft

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