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About Us

Our Mission


We listen carefully to our clients to fully understand their needs, desires and preferences so we can recommend appropriate solutions.


By providing guidance throughout all phases of construction, we ensure an enjoyable and creative experience for the homeowner.


We maintain a high level of communication to keep our clients engaged, excited and aware of progress at each phase of the construction process.


Our high standards in design, workmanship and detailed procedures are evident in each and every one of our projects.


As Principles, we are personally engaged all the way through to successful completion.


Whether building from the ground-up or remodeling, we collaborate with skilled architects, designers, engineers and tradesmen.


Together, we work as a team WITH and FOR the homeowner—with the common goal of building a fine quality home.


Our Values


• When building a home, the homeowner comes first

Loerke & Cresci gives attentive consideration to the homeowner's family and their lifestyle, with respect to their privacy and their property. Therefore, our clients feel comfortable and confident that they have chosen a dependable and trustworthy alliance to help them build their dream home.


• Attentive communication and consideration

Communication of the processes involved during the different phases of construction provides the homeowner with an understanding of realistic options and the knowledge to make the right choices.


• It takes fine quality people to build fine quality homes

Whether the project is a brand new custom home, a home addition, or a home renovation, Loerke & Cresci employees skilled seasoned craftsman to deliver a quality finish product. 

There is not any single member of the design and construction team who can successfully complete a project without the support, cooperation, and empowerment by the other team members.


We build a team of qualified subcontractors and material suppliers dedicated to providing on-going support before, during, and after construction to ensure a successful project.


The Design-Build Process


In our experience, the option of building a team consisting of the architect, designer, and builder at the onset of a project creates the ideal setting for a successful project. 


The active participation of a well-formed team throughout the design process affords the opportunity to maintain real-time budget monitoring, giving the customer the ability to make informed decisions as the design evolves. 


The combined processes of the design/construction team create a powerful result. The real beneficiary of this process is the customer.

Completion On Time and On Budget


Before we begin any project, we provide a detailed budget and time-line for construction completion. Barring changes to the scope of work, we adhere to these commitments consistently.


“In all aspects of our business, 

we achieve complete 
customer satisfaction.”

Frank Loerke, co-founder and Director of Operations, began his construction career in the early 1970s working for a large development corporation. After ten years of dedication to the company, Frank and Domenic decided to venture out with a common vision to build fine quality homes.


Four decades later, Frank has become known in the field as the "structural guru" for his extensive knowledge in engineering. With an uncompromising desire for the most structurally challenged projects, Frank works personally with engineers, architects and project superintendents to make certain the best solution.


Frank understands the importance of close communication and leadership to ensure expectations and results are met. With his constant presence on every project, homeowners can have peace of mind, knowing their home is being crafted with the attention to details it deserves.

Domenic Cresci, co-founder and Director of Project Relations, started at an early age as an apprentice in an architecture firm familiarizing himself with designs and building concepts. As Domenic continued his studies in architectural design, he realized his passion in home development. Soon after, he decided to venture out with Frank Loerke with a common vision to build fine quality homes.


Since 1980, Domenic established himself in the industry as having an unparalleled eye for detail, being praised for his creative design characteristic and his visionary ability. Understanding the importance that each homeowner is unique, Domenic thrives on delivering a comprehensive guideline for a well structured project.


With a strong determination towards maintaining detail and quality, Domenic's interaction with interior designers, architects, subcontractors and homeowners ensures all expectations are exceeded.

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